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I materiali usati da Materia Viva


Every element that makes up Materia Viva’s jewelry is a symbol of an organic and intelligent wholeness; they hold nature’s brilliance within and are typical of Sicily’s extraordinary botanical wealth.

Wild and ancient fruits , citrus fruit , various types of pine cones and berries, shells containing seeds, pods and various types of wood ... these are the materials that characterize Materia Viva.

Some of these are; the azarolus, quince , strawberry tree , pomegranate , bitter almond, bitter orange , wild pear , wild olive , rose hips , citrus , eucalyptus , palm and carob seeds, driftwood, olives and lemons.

Finally , emblem of the most elegant natural splendor; the fibers of the prickly pear leaves which are the complex woody textures that remain after drying the plant, symbol of our beloved land.